Our Philosophy

Sustainable Farming

Tomich Wines is dedicated to sustainable wine growing with a multitude of environmental practices that have been implemented in and around the family vineyard at Woodside.

Vineyard Management

We are continually improving farming practices to ensure that more environmentally sound and economically viable methods are implemented. Multi function tractor passes reduce fuel usage by up to 30%. Tomich Wines proactively monitors the latest in sustainable farming practices and make improvements to the vineyard program so that the highest of industry standards are met.

Farmed with sustainable practices, our vineyard has seen pioneer initiatives as well as traditionally environmental methods: 

tomich philosophy
  • Integral to our vineyard management is the grazing of 700 lambs throughout the year, mowing and fertilizing the land
  • Continued removal of exotic trees and weeds from the banks of the Onkaparinga River and re-vegetation with native species such as River Red Gum and Sandalwood (over 2000 trees planted over the last 3 years).
  • Use of designated areas that are specifically not grazed to retain our notable 400 years old gum trees
  • Soil improvements are made by using nature’s own fertilizer: compost, sea kelp and cow manure. The mid-rows are sown to a diverse natural sward made of native grasses (rye grass, clover and legumes) that mulch into the soil and improve nitrogen.
  • Providing wildlife habitats on the vineyard and encouraging biodiversity
  • We apply very limited chemicals to the vineyard to retain insects and mites, and ensure the beneficial species’ activity (spiders, bees and worms) are monitored as a biological indicator.

These practices also put more flavour into the fruit. We do all the work ourselves and have committed to excellence in vine balance and vineyard health.